Sayonara Starbucks

Anyone that knows me knows that I love to cook (and we all love to eat don’t we?) I’ve been shelling out $4/visit for a grande cappuccino at Starbucks (I usually dump the change for the baristas) but now that’s a thing of the past. I just got my Krups expresso/cappuccino machine today in the mail. This baby rocks! It’s easy to use and I made a perfect cup of cappuccino the first time out.

Check out the frothy foam cap on that cup. An easy to make cup, easy to clean (I use ESE Pods, for folks who are coffee experts), quick and compact in size this machine is a winner. Okay, maybe I sound a bit overboard about this machine but when you figure ($4×5)x52=$1,040 for drinking Starbucks on working days every week this gizmo is well worth it. Plus I can make decaffeinated expresso/cappuccino when I want to drink it at night.

Now if anyone wants to buy me a set of nice cappuccino and expresso cups I’d invite them over in a New York second. The next step is using ground coffee instead of cheating with the pods. It’s a good thing I’m friends with Kona coffee farmers because it’s gonna be manna from heaven from now on.

This morning I headed down the walking/running path for a 7 a.m. workout, did a bunch of intervals running and walking. Did the last four laps with Ken (the computer tech guy from work) who showed-up unexpectedly. Had a chat with him about the tech problems at work, is there any department without problems? It’s nice to see that more employees are working out down there, the previous night Karen and I saw a gal from work and her husband walking for their first time. It’s good stress relief, good for the psyche along with one’s physical health. God only knows our employees could use some stress relief.

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