TV Time-Out

This morning the power in my apartment was going off and on like crazy, off for about 5 minutes, then back on again for one then off again for 5 then on, off, on, off, then it finally stayed on. I haven’t heard Maile complaining yet about power problems in China, geez. Kona has got to get out of the 3rd world status of utility service. Anyway, when the power finally stabilized my VCR wouldn’t turn-on, it’s on the blink. (this happened once before and just before I was going to take it back to Costco it started working again.) The point is that my Sony TV has a busted tuner and I use the VCR to get TV stations and change the channel. Now this is all I get, a blank screen on my TV due to my dysfunctional VCR. I do have two other VCRs so now I have to deal with wires, plugs and moving furniture to switch these things out.

I consider myself to be a somewhat smart guy but why I am so dumb to bury the plugs behind furniture and too cheap to just buy a new TV is beyond me. I must admit the picture on the TV tube is still excellent, it’s just the tuner that’s bad. So I just missed watching the evening news and I’m procrastinating the VCR switch-a-roo. I need to get off the decafinated coffee in my cappucino machine and get wired into action with some stimulants of the caffinated variety.

Okay, now I feel better that I vented in the blog. Now to set-up that stupid 2nd VCR.

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