Power Problems

The power went off again today at my apartment while I was in Hilo. VCR #2 had no time on it, the microwave’s clock had a scrolling message saying ‘set time’ on it. So once again I missed the local TV newscasts, I had set VCR #2 to record the 6pm news, but apparently the power outage happended before that since there was nothing on the tape. VCR #1 hopefully stays broken as I’m taking it back to Costco for a refund, they’re really good about that so long as you have a receipt (sometime without a receipt) the item, all parts and the manual.

I did have good news today though. I got my United Airlines mileage summary and I’ve got over 90K miles! Hell, that’s enough to fly to both Asia AND Europe for free from Hawaii. Now if I can just convice my apartment rental company to take my United VISA card for my rent I’d really be set for even more travelling.

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