Fix-it Friday

*warning-geek talk ahead, proceed with caution* It was a day of fixing computers. That’s me wiping out hard drives and reloading operating systems on a pair of iMacs. OS9 on the older iMac on the left, OSX on the newer iMac on the right. The older Mac is fine, it’s just old, a 2nd generation iMac at 266MHz in speed, no DVD drive and no Firewire port and only 32MB RAM memory. It’s limited and won’t be running circles around anything but still a good machine (and it came home with me as part of a payment for fixing the newer iMac). The newer iMac for some reason has been having hard drive/file corruption problems. Hopefully OSX will provide some better file handling to keep things running right.

In the morning I was also fixing a Windows XP machine. Well, actually the main problem was a user error when my friend Sheree had filtered her email so she could only see unread emails, which meant she panicked that she had lost all of her older emails. That problem fixed, I then tried to figure-out #1 Why her browser (Internet Explorer 6) would not stick to the default home page. You could change the default home and it would work fine during a session but if you logged-out of the account it went back to some search page that looked like it was on the hard drive in a .dll file. Weird, never got it fixed, stupid Windows. #2 ICQ keeps popping-up for the user to log in. Sheree’s bf also has an account on the computer and installed ICQ Pro to chat. Well, the stupid Windows program assumes that all users will want to use ICQ even if you log into a separate account. Dumb. And this all on a Dell computer, I like the Dell company for Windows machines, but I guess it’s still Windows.

More photos to come later, some might get bumped under this entry since I actually shot them earlier in the day at a Kona coffee farm. It was a late night (or early morning) party that has me posting this late. That’s what happens with food, booze, a pool table and conversation are available.

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