I can’t believe it, I went the entire day without taking a photo. Did household chores, went out and did errands, even updated the blog with the previous day’s (actually night’s) images but neglected to shoot something. Bummer.

I did get to talk to Maile twice during the day via iChat A/V and the internet. This Apple software is pretty amazing, sound quality is very good and we spoke like we were on the telephone. Luckily we both have fast internet connections to make this work. I need to make this work for Maile’s dad so he can talk to her as it’s too easy to burn through phone cards with the toll charges to China. The second conversation was a bit of a juggling act as Maile and I were text chatting with Karen and I was speaking with Maile via audio. The time difference can be a problem, here’s how I figure out her local time.
Dalian, China Time = (Hawaii Time – 6 hours) + 1 Day
Or you can go here Time in Dalian, China

You can read her blog via the link on the right MonkeyPrints. Hopefully I’ll be more successful today with photos.

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