Grey day at the bay

A grey day at Kealakekua Bay where much of the beach sand is gone and only rocks remain.

This rock, from the previous post, made it to the bay wrapped in ti leaf for good luck, or maybe to just keep any bad spirits within. A friend of mine had visited me long ago and took this rock from the island. He later sent it back saying he had run into a string of bad luck. It has sat in my desk at work for awhile, yes it was back on the Big Island but he never told me where he got the rock from. I assumed he got it from Kealakekua Bay as I lived near there and it looked similar to the type of rocks found there. So I wrapped it up and took it back to Kealakekua Bay to make peace with whatever spirits there may be. I don’t have a desk at work anymore so I had to get it out of there anyway.

Had it brought me bad luck as I’ve kept it in the desk? Had it continued to bring my friend bad luck as it never returned to its original location? I don’t know. Chula poo-poos the whole superstitious affair and considers it to just be a rock. I say, why take a chance. The rock is back to the area where it came from, generally, and maybe now I should take a trip to Las Vegas just to test this theory. Can a MegaBucks win be far off? Anyway, Chula and Karen accompanied me for this meca for some mercy.

Chula tries out some make-up when we got back to the hippie house. She looks calm now but about a minute after this terror struck. One of those big cane spiders was on the wall to the left below the mirror. Chula is freaked by these giant spiders. I tried to thwack it but it got away.

Later a trip to an import store found goodies to buy for Chula and Karen and the store had these different hangings near the cashier area.

We never did make the banana bread. We decided that it was too much work at this short notice. We needed ingredients, a sifter and bread pans.

The last photo of the day was of Travis and his girlfriend Peggy who just moved over from the east coast. It was one of the hottest, muggy nights I’ve experienced in Kona. Very unusual weather. We tried to cool-off here at the Kona Brew Pub but there was no breeze. Off we went to Cassandra’s but it was even hotter there, finally we settled-in at Sam’s Hideaway and airconditioned bar.

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