The dinner party

Eggplant parmesan at Travis and Peggy’s apartment in Holualoa. A housewarming party they really outdid themselves, and us too, by hosting a dinner party beyond our worthyness. Italian food with pastas, salads, breads, toppings, cheesecake and gelatto all fresh made.

There’s never a hesitation with Brian when it comes to food as he gets some pasta and sauce. Travis and Peggy must have made an agreement with the gods as it had been raining a good portion of the day and dark clouds ruled the afternoon over Holualoa. But during dinner it left the air clear, clean and cool with not a drop of rain.

Brian, Rani and Tiffany at the dinner party. Folks weren’t too happy being blinded by the camera flash since we were dinning by candlelight, thus the lack of photos from this event. It was best enjoyed without shooting photos anyway.

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