Computers and Coffee

A morning treat of troubleshooting computers. Sheree’s Dell Computer has become infiltrated with Adware/Spyware that has taken over her Internet Explorer. It forces it to go to a specific search page, you can’t change the home page, and has a million of pop-up ad windows and prevents her from even typing-in a URL to go to a website.

The cure was to go the website and go through an 11 step process to remove the spyware. A pain in the okole but after two hours of messing with the computer I got it free from the nasties, upgraded her Windows XP Home Edition, installed Mozilla Firefox as an alternate browser and imported the Internet Explorer favorites into it.

This is why I like Macs which haven’t been exploited as much as Windows OS computers to various virii, trojan horses and other crap like that. Sure buying a Windows computer might seem cheaper but loss productivity is really a bummer. Note that I installed a WiFi access point on the computer so my Apple PowerBook and her Dell Latitude can connect to the Internet wirelessly which is very sweet.

Because Sheree lives on a coffee farm I took this quick snap of coffee cherry still green and not ready for harvest on the trees. When they are bright red they’ll be ready for picking.

And back in my car I found a couple pounds of fresh roasted Kona Coffee Sheree and Doug left me. When living in Kona it’s always a good idea to have a few coffee farmers as friends.

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