Getting Wired and un-wired

Spent the evening finishing up a network at a home. One cable modem and two computers in the home.

Initially I bought a Linksys router for $44 at Wal-Mart and was going to install a totally wired network but then I found this Microsoft router with both 802.11g WiFi and four Ethernet ports for less than $40 at Costco. What a deal! The choice was easy, I returned the unopened Linksys to Wal-Mart and set-up this router. I built my own cables and did a run to where the second computer was set-up with an Ethernet port. Both computers work great on the wired network.

And as a bonus I can get online, as can visitors to the house, via the WiFi network. It’s encrypted and password protected so it’s not an open network but it works great. So for those who want to go wireless run down to Costco and pick one of these babies up.

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