Adventure Day South-East

I know this is late but better than never. Click on the above image to open a gallery of images from our trip to South Point, Green Sands, Punaluu Black Sands and Volcano. We did go through Hilo, Hamakua, Waimea and back to Kona circumnavigating the island. Thank-goodness for for fake cappaccino in Waimea, the sugar and caffine kept me awake driving back to Kona.

Click on the image above to play the video. Maile enjoys the steam vent in Volcanoes National Park where it was chilly after sunset. Some crazy kids were fishing change out of the vent for some gas money to get home. I guess to their credit they also cleared the trash out of the vent and it was better than being a misfit breaking into cars and for cash. Highly not recommened that anyone do this as folks have been known to slip into the vent and been steamed alive like so many crab legs.

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