Bagging it

Saw my neighbor today and she had something for me, a bunch of plastic bags and instructions. The house I’m living in will be tented for termites soon and the Terminex company gave us these bags to store food, eating utensils or whatever inside to protect against the poisonous fumes. I’ll have to read the instructions and figure it out. Do I put my cat in this thing too?

The property management company wanted to put me and my neighbors in the Kona Seaside Hotel during the tenting. My neighbor said ‘no way’ and told them either the Hilton or the King Kam hotel. Of course they said they’d put them in the King Kam. I also asked for a change but this would be cheaper for them. I asked to stay in the Kamuela Inn. I’m working up north anyway on those days so why drive back to town, plus it will keep me out of trouble. If I were to say in town I’ll probably spend the night out having too much fun knowing I could just sleep it off in town.

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