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It was my Sunday today, the last day of my middle of the week weekend on my new schedule. It’s hard to get used to, I keep thinking it’s Friday (my old 2nd day off of the week). Ran a bunch of errands, didn’t take time to shoot a POTD but I did finish listening to one of my audio books.

Just finished listening to audiobook Prey by Michael Crichton. I’d give it three out of five stars, parts of it had my full interest, other parts seemed weak. I listen to audiobooks via download from which is quite a deal at $15/month for any audio book and one periodical. If you do a lot of driving, walking or exercising this is a great way to go through books.

Before Prey I listened to Hollywood Animal: A Memoir by Joe Eszterhas which was a long book but great if you’re interested in the film industry. Eszterhas names names and has led quite the life in this non-fiction piece. He goes over everything from his childhood, where he almost killed another kid by bashing him in the head with a baseball bat, to his encounters smoking pot on Maui with Sharon Stone who starred in his film Basic Instinct and coming to grips with throat cancer from his cigarette (and no doubt pot) smoking habits. I liked the audiobook so much I bought the hard copy, it’s a big book but only cost me $5 including shipping via used books. Sending that one to Maile since she’s interested in the film industry.

And since it’s the 15th of the month it means I get to choose a new book. I was thinking about buying the hard cover book Shadow Divers and was surprised to see it on Audible so I bought it. Though I have to listen to another book I bought on Audible first. Maybe I’ll save it for my flight to the mainland in November.

As for periodicals my top recommendations are: Car Talk (these two jokers usally take summer off so don’t subscribe then), To The Best Of Our Knowledge (which you can actually listen to for free at the link on the left), and In Bed With Susie Bright (Topics on sex and the sex industry) which can be pretty entertaining. Bright also is the author of the annual book Best of American Erotica and has had audio versions of some of those stories in her weekly periodical download. My favorite? Courtney Cox’s Asshole by Joey (née Jill) Soloway. Click on the link to read it, I think it’s much better in audio book, great narration. Max, I’ll have to drop it off for you. ha

My mom wants me to get Kitty Kelley’s book The Family about the Bush clan, but it was too late, I already got the Shadow Divers book. Maybe next month.

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