In at Kamuela Inn

Got out of my apartment before the termite killers arrived and headed for Waimea in the morning. I can’t get back into the apartment until 5p.m. Friday due to the poison gas. How reassuring. My neighbors couldn’t stay at the King Kamehameha hotel after all, it was booked-up, they’re at the Kona Seaside. Had to turn-off the propane gas before I left. Guess it wouldn’t be good if the tented house filled with propane…oh the humanity….

A view of Mauna Kea summit from Waimea, looks like another nice day up there. When it’s daylight you can view webcam images from the summit here.

On Kawaihae road before you get to Waimea Park and the center of town you’ll see this roadsign, turn here of course.

A short drive up the way is the entrance to Kamuela Inn. An old but well kept wooden building which houses an art gallery where they serve a continental breakfast in the morning and the different rooms.

Okay, I had to throw a couple of room photos on here for my mom who always asks me about the hotel rooms I stay in.

Room to the left with cable TV, padded rocking chair, a little refrigerator (it’s empty, you put your own stuff in there), and bathroom sink, I’ll spare your bandwidth and leave out the bathroom shots.

To the right is the bed and on the far wall is a little, and I mean little, nook to do writing, makeup or for me my laptop to update this blog. Plenty of wall outlets for electronic gizmos like computers and local phone calls are free, just dial 9 to get an outside line. So you can go online as much as you like if you so choose.

Above the nook is a shelf with various books either left by management or travellers.

If you’re hungry you’re in luck. Across the street is a gas/mini-mart, just down the road is Merriman’s and Aoli’s, across the street is Edelweiss and just up the road is Hawaiian Style Cafe and a little more is Tako Taco. How can you go wrong here?

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