Food and fumigation

Photographed a contestant that’s entering the Poke Contest on Sunday at the Hapuna Beach Prince Hotel. Her ahi poke recipe has ahi, maui onions, kim chee sauce, green onions, shoyu, sesame oil and roasted sesame seeds. She mixed it all up for the photos and for lunch. I had mentioned before that I don’t eat raw fish so she tossed a bit in a frying pan, spread some Best Foods mayonaise on a flour tortilla and dished it up for me and her family. It was excellent, good flavor and tender. She said even she prefers eating the poke cooked instead of raw sometimes and everyone enjoyed these wraps.

Not exactlly a welcome mat, this sign greeted me on one of my doors when I got back to my apartment. Another sign said I could enter at 4p.m., I got there at 5:30p.m. and it still smelled of gas (I assume the smell was the gas). So I opened all the windows and doors to air the place out and started to rearrange stuff in the apartment. After about 30 minutes my eye were burning a little so I got out of there leaving the windows open to air it out and go to town for dinner. Not good. After a few hours I returned and the gas smell was gone and everything seemed okay.

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