No POTD, Podcasts, Secret Bush prompting

No POTD today.

A great new industry has started up, it’s called Podcasting with two influential geeks on the net spearheading the effort. Dave Winer who has been a pioneer with weblogs and now with Podcasting, and Adam Curry who many will remember as being one of the original MTV VJs (his hair isn’t as big as it used to be). Podcasting is like Tivo for radio. If you use the iPodder software and leave your computer on it can capture pre-recorded Podcasts and download them automatically to your computer and iPod. I kinda like to do it manually since the software hasn’t been perfected yet.

Winer put together a script (he’s an expert at scripting) to post the 100 latest Podcasts. One of Curry’s favorites is the Dawn and Drew Show! I’d have to agree, it’s pretty funny to listen to. Also good is Curry’s Daily Source Code show.

When will the first Hawaii Podcast show up?

And I captured a clip from Curry’s podcast today. A secret recording proving Bush gets prompted by an earpiece during speeches. Enjoy.

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