X-ing, listen, learn, vote

A nice cool day in Waimea as school gets out and students pour through intersections on their way home with the help of a crossing guard keeping traffic at bay. Later tonight it bucketed in Kona along with thunder and lightning. The usual intersections and streets, like in front of the newspaper, flooded with over a foot of water but the streets were fairly empty on the way home, no doubt nobody wanted to be driving in that downpour. No major accidents to cover from what I could tell over the scanner as drove home.

Audible has just put up a webpage with free downloads of the candidate’s speeches and debates online. A great service and you’ll even get to hear folks like Barack Obama who grew up in Hawaii on the 2nd day of the Democratic convention. Even if you’re a Republican there’s plenty to download and listen for free. Also Richard A. Clarke’s testimony before the 9/11 Commission is a must to listen to.

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