The bookstore that wouldn’t die

Middle Earth Bookstore is still open, only barely. The store was supposed to close a month or two ago and everyone has been asking me if it had closed so I decided to take a trip to see what was up. To my surprise it was still open.

At this point everything is 50% off in price.

There were stacks of boxes in the store that said Kailua-Kona Library on them so I can only assume the library bought them or is getting them as a donation. Some books are going to be sent back to the publisher as unsold. This is looking back at what used to be the travel section where the store is pretty cleared-out of books.

Looking back to the front you can see that all the books left have migrated there. The blank are on the right was the cookbook section. I asked the girl at the counter when the store was closing and she said October 31st is the last day. Even she couldn’t believe it was still open. So for those folks who want a good deal you only have a few more days to shop.

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