Windows sucks

Okay, enough political editorializing for now, back to stupid personal news. The past few weeks have seen some pretty heavy rain, thunder and lighting. For some reason the window box is leaking rain like crazy in my apartment. I mean like 1/4″-1/2″ of water on the landing area below the window in my apartment (lucky it’s a tile area, but it does lead to a storage closet too). So when it’s bucketing rain, with wind it’s like someone turned on a garden hose in this window on the inside.

So crazy, quick-fix is to design something to direct the water pouring in back out to the window frame slot where it will drain outside. That’s the reason for the foil held by gaffer’s tape in the window. After one big rain and this problem a week ago I found some silicone sealant and I sealed the window frame on the outside to seal against water, but it’s not coming from there as I found out, it’s coming through the ceiling and/or window box frame. Sounds like it’s gonna take some ripping stuff out, spackling or caulking stuff, etc. Told the property management company to fix it as I’m going to the mainland and won’t have to deal with the noise. Hopefully this is all solved by the time I get back home.

And yes, I fly out to Los Angeles tomorrow to attend the Workshop & Luau 2004. This is a great photography workshop, much of which is not sports photography but photojournalism in general. It’s called a luau so we don’t have to wear a coat and tie, everyone has to wear an aloha shirt. We look pretty weird when we go someplace to have lunch or dinner en mass. I will still be posting while in L.A.

Oh yeah, and Microsoft Windows does suck. I was using Virtual PC today (another Microsoft product) and it was super-slow running Windows XP. *warning…geek-speak ahead* I think the WinXP SP2 update really screwed things up. Like they say, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. I think I’m going back to running Win98se on VPC, Microsoft’s last great operating system. I take that back, X-Box is probably Microsoft’s last great operating system.

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