I’m here, got beer

Finally made it to Redondo Beach and before I even took the elevator up to my room I was handed a beer in the lobby by this motley crew of photogs.

My plane out of Honolulu was about 45 minutes late, much of that due to being stuck on the tarmac at Honolulu International Airport. Not sure what the hold-up was, maybe it was due to HANG (Hawaii Air National Guard) deciding to do some drills. We were sitting on the taxiway forever then the whole plane shuddered and I saw an F-15 go screaming past on afterburners rocketing up on the active runway. I guess when they wanna play war-games they get priority.

Pretty unventfull flight, I was supposed to meet another photog at the airport and give her a ride to the hotel and lucky for me she stopped the rental car place from closing on me. And while at baggage claim another saw me and I gave him a ride too into Redondo Beach.

I’ll probably be updating via my cellphone so updated photos will appear in the little photo box on the upper right of this blog page.

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