Equinox in one week

Exactly one week until the March Equinox, some folks would call it the Spring Equinox but it isn’t exactly spring in Australia. A number of years ago I was involved in a world-wide project call Wrinkle in Time where photographers around the world would shoot a QuickTime VR at the same time so we would see this slice of time everywhere. I might shoot one this year after having not shot one in the past four years.

Here are a some of my past Wrinkle QuickTime VRs

There’s another one I shot but it’s no longer online. This year the Equinox is at 2:33am in Hawaii so we’ll see if I drag myself out for a photo, got to find somewhere suitable that early in the morning. I finally updated the Wrinkle Clocks here after years of neglect. Stay tuned.

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