Car Woes…the sequel

Here’s my rental car, mine had to be towed to the shop when it wouldn’t start. I think it’s the starter motor or a loose wire as it had done this before and fixed itself without any intervention. The battery seems okay and the engine wouldn’t crank even with jumper cables.

I was prepared this time though. A few months ago I joined AAA so I got the car towed and this Honda CR-V rental car for a day for free. Well, not for free as I paid my membership dues a few months ago, but I didn’t have to worry about the costs as it was taken care of. I’ll probably have to pay for a few days of rental car myself while my car is in the shop, not too long hopefully. But with AAA I get a discount on the rental which is reasonable. I kind of thought something like this would happen which is why I joined and it looks like it paid off.

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