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I’m trying something new, adding some ads about stuff mentioned on the blog. In this post you can easily find a couple of CDs mentioned. On the sidebar on the right you can find links to The Curse of Lono book I mentioned earlier (I think the new one is sold out) and the cappuccino machine I use.

Actually the coffee machine is a newer model from what I have and I’m not sure why some folks gave it bad reviews, I think they aren’t using it right. You gotta clean these fancy coffee machines after you use them, they ain’t your grandfather’s Mr. Coffee machine. Cleaning it takes less than a minute of flushing water through the steam nozzle. I give it a thumbs-up.

Been listening to some new music I bought online from a group called Kasabian, good stuff. Check out the songs Club Foot and Butcher Blues which I really like. I was able to get Club Foot for free via the iTunes Music Store but since it was one of their freebie of the week songs it can’t be burned onto an audio CD. Butcher Blues has a cool bass line in the song.

The Kills are another group I’ve been listening to. Good Ones, Love is a Deserter and Cat Claws (which is on an older CD) are standout songs. The Kills are kind of like The White Stripes, a duo, guy on guitar & vocals with girl on vocals. Though Meg usually just plays drums while Jack sings in TWS. In The Kills Jamie Hince (aka. Hotel) and Alison Mosshart (aka. VV) tear it up with a similar stripped-down sound.

The Kills Good Ones QuickTime video (broadband)

For those on dial-up a 3MB version of the QuickTime video you really gotta get broadband :^)

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