Chicken Soup correction, not celery…ginger

Spoke with my mom who views this blog, Hi Mom!, and she corrected my faulty memory about her wicked chicken soup for colds recipe that I mentioned back in December when I had a nasty cold.

Wicked Chicken Soup
Chicken parts (the kind of with the bones)
Lots of fresh ginger slices
Water to cover the it all
Mushrooms and/or carrots (I don’t really recall that being in there but she said they were optional)
The Hard Stuff (whiskey, or whatever your poison is to drink)

Toss all that stuff, except the booze, into a pot and cook on the stove top until the chicken is cooked through and you get a nice broth from all that water in there. Turn-off the heat and put the booze in. She doesn’t have any exact measurements for the ingredients but if you’re comfortable in the kitchen cooking it would be hard to go wrong.

Chris Rock can keep his Robitussin, this soup will sprout hair on the bottom of your feet! I think the ginger really kick it up a number of notches along with the booze.

Oh, and my mom and dad caught a cold recently after a trip to Las Vegas and she made this soup. I believe she used the same Seagrams Whiskey she used when I was a kid. I told her it must be toxic by now, but I think the toxicity was enough to kill her cold germs as she’s okay now.

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