Shameless sales promotion

My Spring Cleaning garage sale has started on eBay. I’ve got too much stuff, good stuff really, around the apartment doing nothing as I’ve stopped using them due to upgrades (downgrades?) and the like. If you want to bid on any of this stuff, just click on the photos.

I’ve got this iBook/PowerBook power supply lying around the apartment, I used it with my G3 iBook, but I sold that to Maile and it’s underpowered for my power-hog PowerBook G4. Yeah, it can recharge my new laptop’s battery, but only if the laptop is off or asleep since it’s only 45W. So off it goes to eBay.

Next is my Palm Tungsten|T (why Palm put that upright bar in the name is a mystery to me). I even created an animated GIF image for eBay so it can be seen opened and closed. A good little unit but because I started to use memory-hogging applications I needed a PDA with more memory. Actually this was because applications during this time weren’t written so they could access a memory card slot. Current apps can be run off a memory card so this is unit much more useful now than when it was released.

I currently use a Garmin iQue 3600 which isn’t for sale, not for sale yet anyway. I must admit that the Garmin is a much better GPS than it is a PDA. The Palm Tungsten|T outperforms the Garmin which is always crappy at Graffitti 2 recognition. I’ll have to write an Epinions review and diss the Garmin a bit as it just can’t keep up with my writing notes. I had to buy an application Jot to speed-up the recognition. (Hint for Garmin iQue 3600 owners, if you download and use the demo version of Jot the demo never times-out, though I bought it with Word Complete which is really handy).

Keep watching here as a few more things are going to hit eBay in the next week: A GPS unit, Palm Tungsten|T3 and various other goodies. I’ve come very close to going back to the T3 as it’s probably the best pda PalmOne has ever produced. It’s fast, beautiful, got a great screen, lots of memory and more. But I’ve found the built-in GPS of the Garmin much too handy when on assignment so I can identify areas I’m photographing.

Okay, shamless sales plug over. Back to your regularly scheduled blog reading.

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