Full moon part deux

Went back to the scene of the helicopter ditching to see if they had pulled it ashore yet. Nope, it was still in the water. But the pilot, his student and a crew of helpers arrived with snorkle and scuba gear to attach a sling to lift up the helo that afternoon. Plus they were looking for the pilots wallet and other items.

Click on the above image for the video. It’s about 12MB in size so dial-up users can either take a nap during the download, pass on it, or have another reason to get a bigger pipe.

To read about both of the scenes in the video go to West Hawaii Today.

*UPDATE* I just recompressed the video with the new Apple H.264 codec. What this means is that the video that was 12.1MB in size originally is now just 1.7MB in size which is doable for dial-up users. This is a great day for video bloggers! I just found out that QT7 isn’t out for Windows users yet, but it shouldn’t be long.

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