Constitutional for Charity

That’s local radio personality, videographer, on-air TV talent, emcee, musician, yadda, yadda Lyman Mederios videotaping the Visitor Industry Charity Walk. Lyman let me hitch a ride in the back of his pickup truck as we made our way along the 3.4 mile charity walk route. The path had six aid stations where folks could grab stuff to eat like ice cream, jello, Korean chicken and rice, gourmet corn dogs, smoothies, etc. I kept grabbing food to give to our driver so he wouldn’t get bored as he waited for us running around. You could very well gain weight instead of losing it on this walk. Made for a long day as I started at 6:30a.m. to photograph the start of this event.

I mentioned to Lyman about Podcasting and he seems to be interested. Could this mean we finally get our first Big Island Podcast and maybe Hawaiian music? I actually submitted a sound clip to a few weeks ago so maybe I was the first but there has to have been someone else before me. After all Podcasting is eight months old, a lifetime in Internet time.

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