De-caching the Geocache

The battle of the GPS units. Okay, I own one too many GPS units, I have the handheld one on the left and the Palm OS unit on the right. The Garmin iQue 3600 on the right has all the bells and whistles for terrestrial navigation but I’ll probably end up selling it and sticking to the Garmin eTrex Vista on the left.

The reason I’m driving with the GPS units is I was headed towards a geocache or I should say, a geocache not-wannabe. You see there was a geocacher that placed a cache near the entrance to Kekahakai State Park and wanted it removed. He emailed me a year ago and I never spent the time to stop and look for it.

Here’s what he emailed me:

I made a huge mistake in attempting to hide a geocache on the Big Island. I am contacting users there in hopes of having it removed and the site done away with. I am using to contact as many people as I can to assist in destroying the site of my il-placed cache. I am unconcerned with the contents though I would appreciate the courtesy of the travel bug hidden there being carried to another, legitimate cache.

Why I want this cache destroyed has become a lengthy story. Suffice it to say that the labor of love expended to create the cache and its marker have been overwhelmingly surpassed by my desire to no longer be involved with thanks solely to its administration and approval staff. I am looking for help in removing this cache to prevent my error from becoming litter on your landscape.

You will find a coral grafitti in the shape of the Groundspeak logo outside the entrance to Keaha Kai park, on the west side of Rt 19, approximately two miles north of Kailua/Kona airport. The coordinates are N XX° XX.XXX W XXX° XX.XXX. (coordinates removed by me) They have never been posted and will thus never be found thanks to my inability to follow the rule about placing caches on vacations and the absolute adherence to this rule by the approvers. I wish to inconvenience only one other person this one time to remove the cache and destroy the grafitti rather than pawn off the “maintenance” that far too many of the approvers are bent upon enforcing. If you can help me, I’ll greatly appreciate it and will leave your game for you to enjoy without me.

So I headed for the coordinates and I spent about 30-45 minutes looking around for the cache. I couldn’t find it. The Groundspeak logo is long gone as the coral has already been recycled by other people for new messages. Maybe someone has already found it. I don’t really have a way to contact the person who sent me the email since it was sent via the Geocaching website without a return email address. I do have a hint as to their email address so I’ve sent an email in hopes it gets to him. If the Travel Bug he put in there has appeared on the web then all is well and the cache has been found.

If you think you’d like a crack at finding it email me and I’ll send you the GPS coordinates.

Click on the above image to see the general area where the cache is supposed to be hidden.

Just got this in email: Yes, the cache was removed though I do not remember by
whom. I am pleased to hear the groundspeak grafitti is
also no more. They deserve no less.

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