Smell the case

Only three more hours left on my eBay auction of a Vaja i-volution T-65 case for the Treo 650 smartphone. These cases are beautiful but very expensive and take at least a month to be delivered since they’re handmade in Argentina.

Why am I selling the case? Because I wanted one, why settle for anything less than the best, for a Treo 650 smartphone I plan to purchase in the future. So I bought a couple of extras to offset some the cost of my case by selling the extras on eBay. This is the last one I have for sale and it has that new leather smell, kind of like that new car smell but for fine leather products.

I had done some research over a month ago as to which color would sell best and everyone wants a plain black case. There’s someone else selling one of these cases on eBay but their case is in bright orange. Not exactlly what most high powered executives want to be seen with talking into an orange brick.

So if you have a Treo 650, wanted the best case but can’t wait a month your time is short, the auction ends in less than three hours now.

*UPDATE* Sold!

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