More photos

Don’t get excited, I’m not going back to a photo a day but I have felt guilty about not posting much, thus the sudden spate of images.

On the way back to Kona from Waimea again and the low sun made for a pretty sight with a row of trees. Click on the above image for a bigger view.

While I was stopped I shot a bunch of other photos for the hell of it right next to the car on the side of the road. I saw this backlit grass bending in the wind and thought it might make a nice desktop background image. Click on it for the background sized image that you can save for your computer if you want (for personal use only).

More backlit grass and weeds.

More weeds growing on the side of the highway.

A single fountain grass strand full of seeds ready to go airborne.

And one more photo looking 180 degrees the other way across the highway where the trees were front lit.

All of these photos shot within about 10 feet from each other. It helps to look closer sometimes. Also helps that I used my own camera as the work one isn’t quite up to snuff and showing its age badly.

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