Fitness Challenge

Another year, another battle of the Team Fitness Challege by Friends For Fitness. The big difference this year is that you can walk/run anywhere, except your home on a treadmill. So now there’s stiff competition from the real runners out there who take to the streets to do their running anyway but had always treated the walking path like kryptonite.

We’ve got different team members this year and although there was talk of culling together the best walkers/runners from the office for a ringer team I think the four teams at work are pretty balanced with some of the high mileage members from last year’s WHT top team spread out amongst the other teams.

We’ll have to see how it goes, but don’t expect to see anymore photos of fish n’ chips, beer or cheesecake in future posts. Diet and exercise is now on the menu. How about it people? Wanna compete with me for weight loss/body fat loss? I’m calling you blog readers out. We can post progress here for the biggest losers. Or create a new blog where folks can post their own results. Nothing like public humiliation to get people motivated huh?

My erratic work sked makes it hard to get down to the track to workout but I hope to be walking/running wherever I am on assignment during breaks. We also get bonus points for extra activites so looks like I’ll be out hitting golf balls, kayaking, snokeling, hiking, playing ping pong, etc.

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