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Cool Music from Canada

Very cool music by Marianne Baker. There’s some rumor that she’s the sister of ‘Lala’ from Tiki Bar TV but her music is great regardless of the celebrity connection. Take a listen to Pretty which is a loose cover of Guns n’ Roses’ Paradise City. Other fun songs are Booty Call and Bad Kitty. The whole album is great.

Click on the album art at the left to be transported to her website where you can listen to all of the songs on her new CD and buy it, or visit the iTunes Music Store where they also have it but I think the Pretty re-mix track is missing.

*UPDATE* Word from Ben Baker in the comments is that Marianne has no connection to Tiki Bar TV, other than they’re all in Canada I guess. With her music she should see plenty of fame, and hopefully fortune.

And Marianne writes in a little note to me (though it looks like Lala’s name is spelled wrong).

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in the note, her name is spelled correctly, it is Lara not Lala. I can't remember her

last name, but she went to the same high school as i did

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