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iTunes Mis-Match

iTunes Match service has a long way to go in working out the bugs. Take a look at the album art it downloaded to my computer for a Jimi Hendrix album. Poor Gomer never saw it coming, seems a lot of people have been getting his album cover instead of Jimi’s. Check out the brutal […]

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A Journey back in time

So tickets for Journey are going on sale for the Waikoloa Bowl. I’ve told folks that I’ve photographed Journey before, twice, and the second time I met the guys and got autographs from their previous island concert on Oahu. So here’s a little proof, a photo of the boys on stage along with their autographs […]

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Opening Pandora’s box WidgetsI’ve been listening to this album by The Black Keys almost constantly the past few weeks, not sure why I never listened to them before. I found them via Pandora on my iPhone while listening to the White Stripes. I’ve used Pandora plenty of times before on my laptop but having it on […]