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iTunes Mis-Match

iTunes Match service has a long way to go in working out the bugs. Take a look at the album art it downloaded to my computer for a Jimi Hendrix album.

Poor Gomer never saw it coming, seems a lot of people have been getting his album cover instead of Jimi’s. Check out the brutal reviews here. Go easy on him guys, it’s almost Christmas. Poor guy, I left a review (see below)

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A Journey back in time

Steve Perry and Neal Schon of Journey playing at Blaisdell Arena in Honolulu. Circa 1981online casino net
Steve Perry and Neal Schon of Journey playing at Blaisdell Arena in Honolulu. circa 1981

So tickets for Journey are going on sale for the Waikoloa Bowl. I’ve told folks that I’ve photographed Journey before, twice, and the second time I met the guys and got autographs from their previous island concert on Oahu. So here’s a little proof, a photo of the boys on stage along with their autographs on it.

By this time they had replaced keyboardist Greg Rollie with Jonathan Cain and when they looked through my concert photo album and saw Rollie’s photo they pointed at it and said, “There’s Bird.” So maybe that was their nickname for Rollie? They also saw a photo I have of Carlos Santana and they called Schon over to take a good look saying, “He’s got a photo of Carl.” Since Schon and Rollie both had played in the Carlos Santana band it’s not surprising they were interested in my Santana photos.

They are great showmen, have a great sound and no doubt will do a great job at the Waikoloa venue. Ticket prices aren’t the same as they were in the 80’s but I’m sure it isn’t cheap putting these shows on. I started off as a concert photographer, which is why I have plenty of concert photos, so maybe I’ll have to give Tom Moffat’s office a call and update my Journey pics this time around with new singer Arnel Pineda and drummer Deen Castronovo. (I only have photos of drummer Steve Smith, back when he had hair)

Neal Schon (with the 'fro)
Neal Schon (with the 'fro)
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Opening Pandora’s box


I’ve been listening to this album by The Black Keys almost constantly the past few weeks, not sure why I never listened to them before. I found them via Pandora on my iPhone while listening to the White Stripes. I’ve used Pandora plenty of times before on my laptop but having it on the iPhone is real freedom.

If you like crunchy, distorted rock that needs to play loud this is a good album. I downloaded some guitar tabs, plugged the strat into a HotWatt amp and put the headphones on, pretty fun playing Modern Times, but my hearing may not agree as I have the distortion and volume turned up mucho loud.

There’s a rumor that Pandora may be going away due to increased licensing fees so use them while you can.