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Adam Curry discovers Second Life

I’ve blogged about Second Life before over the past year. I think it’s a fantastic creation and tool, not just some game. Well, it looks like Adam Curry the ‘Podfather’ of podcasting has caught on and is digging it. Curry just can’t stop talking about SL on his podcast Daily Source Code. It’s very similar to how he was similarly blown-away by podcasting in its infancy.

Curry Castle Thumbnail
So of course he had to have a castle built in SL. Lots of people are showing up here and registering to become SL members. So the snowball starts to roll down the hill. Curry sees the potential (aka money) in SL. I see it too and others have already realized it. Read this Business Week article that talks about a gal doing virtual real estate. The land may be virtual but the money is real. She has built a business that’s worth a quarter-million real dollars.

Adam NeumannWent back to the Curry Castle and found Adam Curry, or I should say Adam Neumann (his SL name) there. Spent a bit of time having some conversation with Adam as nobody else was really around, probably too late for most people in their time zones. Adam’s in the UK so we’re almost 12 hours apart on time, it was late morning for him.

Adam Chat
Another podcast listener showed up and also got to talking. We tossed around a few ideas then Adam had to get ready to put together Daily Source Code #380.

Adam on Roof
Adam then flew up to the roof to prep and do DSC380. He said he spends about an hour of prep time before each show. So as he sat up there I chatted with this other listener with Adam listening in and chatting every now and then. I’ll have to listen to the DSC to see what he has to say.

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