Frustration, Stagnation, Mechanization

My car is still in the shop. It’s a very sad story regarding the mechanics who were supposed to work on my car, one who is no longer around, anywhere and the other who has literally ‘gone fishing.’

Tracker Engine
So a third mechanic called in to rescue my car has cleaned-up my engine cylinders quite spiffy and has to put it back together without having taken it apart.

Engine Guts
All these guts have to go into the the engine above, or actually add to it. Like I said, the mechanic didn’t take it apart and now has to put it back together. These photos were taken around lunchtime and by the time of this post the mechanic had already gotten most of it put back together. Fingers crossed the car will be ready tomorrow.

I’m buying a new car soon, I’m tired of paying for car repairs. My car should actually be running quite well after all of this and it does get pretty good gas mileage (24mpg/29mpg) but I’m ready to not have to worry about a vehicle anymore.

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There's a chance I may get a CR-V. Though the Hyundai with its 10yr/100Kmile warranty is tempting. With the amount of mile I drive I'd probably do the 100K in four years.

I'll have more of a chance to do some research when I get back to Kona.

Honda gets much better reviews that Hyundai. The CRV gets five-star ratings in everything but rollover, and that's four stars. You can get one under $25,000 here – but in Hawaii that probably means under $30,000.

Meeting Ron tonight at ESPNZone in Downtown Disney …

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