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Be Jamin’

For some reason traffic was jammed in Puna Wednesday morning. Luckily I wasn’t stuck in it but got a screenshot via the app Waze which crowd sources traffic data. It’s a pretty good app, I don’t use it for navigation though as the interface is frustrating. It also really sucks power on the device so […]


Rolling to 100K

Well, it finally happened. My CR-V odometer rolled over to 100,000 miles as I traveled to Kona to shoot some high surf. Actually my odometer didn’t ‘roll’ over to 100,000 miles and I almost didn’t realize that. These days odometers are digital so the numbers don’t roll-over like a slot machine tumber from 99,999 to […]

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Stay alert! That cellphone call, Twitter or text message could be your last

On my way into Hilo this afternoon there was a gal in a white Chevy Blazer weaving all over the road, and I mean really weaving. I caught the tail end of her winding drive on video. She was reckless by mostly driving on the center line and veering onto the shoulder (good thing both […]