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Be Jamin’

For some reason traffic was jammed in Puna Wednesday morning. Luckily I wasn’t stuck in it but got a screenshot via the app Waze which crowd sources traffic data. It’s a pretty good app, I don’t use it for navigation though as the interface is frustrating. It also really sucks power on the device so […]


Geocache Thursday

Geocaching Thursday with the boys in Hilo and West Hawaii. Found one geocache at the Panaewa Zoo. Repaired a cache we found missing before. The cache owner moved to the mainland so we did a little volunteer work putting a new cache in this spot. Then on to West Hawaii were I created a brand-new […]

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Where is the world is Steve Fossett?

Missing since September 3rd in a single-engine airplane Steve Fossett went down somewhere in Nevada. Once can only assume he crashed as an intact aircraft would have probably been spotted by now unless he went into water. From the many crashes I’ve covered for newspapers I predict it will have been a crash on land. […]