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I can see clearly now

Wow! Google Earth recently updated their sat map database and images of Kona are much clearer. Now you can make out our building. My car might even be in the parking lot but it’s hard to tell which white car is mine.

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Al-Zarqawi Safe House via Google Earth?

So this is a still frame from the Defense Dept video of the bomb strike on Al-Zarqawi.

Here’s a zip file of the KMZ Google Earth reference that appears to be the location though I’m not certain of it.

Here’s the area as I’m guesstimating on Google Earth. Do we have winner?

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Winging over Waipio

Today work took me flying over Waimea, over Waipio Valley and back. Seeing the island from the air is a great way to see things.

Here we leave Waipio Valley flying over Kukuihaele back to the Waimea-Kohala airport. You’ll have to see the Sunday, May 23rd West Hawaii Today to see why I was in the air.

Click on the image above to see a movie of my flight, broadband users only as it’s about 9MB in size. We took-off from Waimea-Kohala airport, winged over Waimea town, flew over the back of Waipio Valley then went as far as Waimanu valley before flying back over Kukuihaele and back to the airport with the final view of Mauna Kea in the distance.

A map showing the track of my flight according to my GPS unit that I had on during the flight.