Rolling to 100K

Well, it finally happened. My CR-V odometer rolled over to 100,000 miles as I traveled to Kona to shoot some high surf.

Actually my odometer didn’t ‘roll’ over to 100,000 miles and I almost didn’t realize that. These days odometers are digital so the numbers don’t roll-over like a slot machine tumber from 99,999 to 100,000.

I once got a photo of my car with the tumblers between the two numbers and I thought I could do that then I remembered this is a digital world, not analog.

So I stopped the car and got a photo of the odometer at 99999.

99,999 miles

Then again a mile later.

100K miles

Then hopped out and got a pano with the iPhone of where I was mauka of the Kona-Kohala coastline.

Highway 190

The car has held up really well, I could use a car wash.

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THose big numbers are fun, they make you realize just how much of your life is spent in that seat. 100,000miles is 2500 hours at 40mph, a guess at the average speed of those miles. This would take 104 days of non-stop driving to do.

My OD is well past 176,000, I figure another 74,000 and I will have made it to the Moon.

With the combined mileage of my wife's and my vehicle (292,000 and 202,000 miles, respectively) we recently returned from Earth's favorite satellite. What a trip!

Yo Baron … I lost your email address! But I was able to remember your username.

Please drop an email when you have time!

Ti. Mohr

Congrats on making 100k mileage… I have been somewhat conservative as my 2001 Mazada Tribute only has 53,000. I sure hope to reach that 200k someday.


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