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My new ride

Honda CR-V EX
Finally picked up my new car today, I guess I’m a member of the CR-V club with Brian. I know I’m gonna take crap from people because it pretty much looks like my old car. The car is similar because it is white with roof racks and dark trim but when you live in Kona with the blistering heat white is not a bad color. Plus it’s more visible at night and as a photojournalist I’ve covered way too many accidents on the highways. I also was shocked at all the crap I had in the old car that I had to move to the new one.

The dealer was going to pinstripe it for me but I told them no need. I just forsee something else to go wrong if it gets scrapped, starts to peel or catches car wax on it. Next step is to buy seat covers and tint the front side windows. Then I’ll need to sell my old car which is running pretty well now that the engine has been done-up.

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Hey, nice! I heard that you were looking for a new car but thought you weren't going to buy for a couple of months. Excellent choice!

Man, you'll love it. I'm guessing you got the automatic? That may be standard now, but mine is a five-speed, even though it's the more expensive model of the two CR-Vs (alloy wheels, ABS, etc.) they made in 1999.

Mine has 130,000 miles, and it runs like an American car with 30,000. It's the most low-stress ride I've ever had – and believe me, I've owned plenty of cars. Congratulations!

Yeah, it's the CR-V EX model the higher SE model has leather seats, heated seats and heated mirrors (heating for Kona?) but I don't really need that. Otherwise I've got everything else, ABS, Vehicle Stability, Racks, Alloy Wheels, mud guards, 6 CD changer and even a cassette deck (do people still use tapes?). It's an automatic but it's also a 5-speed auto so gas mileage should still be pretty good as cruising up the highway to Waimea the engine is only at about 1.5Krpm. The ratio on the 5 with the A/T is actually better than the manual so it gets better mileage, but 1st and 2nd isn't as low as the manual so pulling up Mauna Kea might be tougher.

Next are seat covers for me, might order then via Costco which should be cheaper than Wet Okole. Also probably more glass tinting to keep out the brutal Kona sun.

And yes, I was going to wait a few months to buy as the totally redesigned 2007 CR-V is being revealed soon by Honda. But from what I've read it moves the tire to under the rear deck off the tailgate (so you lose some internal room) and rumor has it that it loses 3 inches of ground clearance (crazy as it's supposed to be an SUV). But the a/c went out in my Tracker and I can't get it rechared till Tuesday so instead of driving in a sweltering car I bought a new one.

Windows get tinted tomorrow, seat covers have been ordered (I found I might have been able to get them for 1/2 price had I shopped better here:….

The Tracker's compressor clutch is shot so no a/c in that vehicle at this time, will probably get that fixed before it's sold. Otherwise that car is running pretty good now and in in generally good shape. I'll probably head over to Hilo this weekend.

I am excited about your new ride. How could they possibly eliminate 3 inches of ground clearance from the 2007 models? It'll sit as low as a rice rocket.

But don't even get me started on ground clearance. There's not a soul on this island who hasn't heard me bitch about my Jeep Liberty with 6.3" of clearance.

My Honda CR-V supposedly has 8.1" of clearance. The new 2007 CR-V is rumoured to have 5"-5.5" of clearance. My Tracker has 7.5" and I used every bit of that plus hit the skid plate a few times driving some gnarly places. The exhaust system on my CR-V looks a bit unprotected so I'm a little worried about that.

This is one of the main reasons I bought the 2006 model. It's probably the best of the 2nd generation CR-Vs. The 3rd generation is untested and sounds more sedan than 'ute. I've read about a lot of complaints on the 2006 Toyota RAV-4 which was a brand new redesign. I don't know how Hoffer's vehicle is doing.

As long as you are comfortable with you new ride, everything will be alright. You could always try to make some modifications or buying some add-on which will somewhat improve and make you enjoy driving.

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