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Stay alert! That cellphone call, Twitter or text message could be your last

On my way into Hilo this afternoon there was a gal in a white Chevy Blazer weaving all over the road, and I mean really weaving. I caught the tail end of her winding drive on video. She was reckless by mostly driving on the center line and veering onto the shoulder (good thing both lanes were going in the same direction).

I was able to get close enough to see a license plate to call it into the cops, I called them twice as all of a sudden she went left to go onto Kilauea Avenue. I thought for sure she was going to plow into oncoming lanes of traffic headed south.

I didn’t see which way she went after that and I don’t think the cops did either, but they do have her license number so I think they’ll be contacting her.

I don’t care how good of a driver you readers are, you have to be a defensive driver and watch for folks like this on the road. Be alert, don’t twitter, yak on the cellphone, fool with the stereo. Had she headed straight onto the southbound lanes it would have been bad…really bad.

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The point is the be alert for drivers that are driving recklessly. I was pretty alert, watching vehicles that may go into harm's way and the weaving Blazer. I don't stare at the camera's screen while driving, I've done enough overhead photos to know how to hold a shot without looking.

And the cop I showed the video to didn't have a problem with me shooting it.

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