Don’t try to dig what we all say… – The Who

Been busy throwing together yet another blog, this one for my graduating Kaimuki High School Class of 1977. Seems ages ago, then again it was ages ago. One of my classmates on the reunion committee found my blog and asked if I could lend a hand so I registered a domain name, hosted the site and got it going tonight.

For my classmates you can go here:

Hopefully when I’m dead someone will remember to give that domain name to the Kaimuki High School class of 2077.

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I'm the person on the reunion committee and I will be ever grateful for all that you've done for the site! Every time I have an idea (hmm..we should have a link for those who have passed on), there it is the next time I visit the site! You are certainly the master webmaster! Wonderful job, Baron!

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