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Kim’s Birthday Bash

Kim with drinks
It was Kim’s birthday this week so a pot-luck party was called for. Not sure why Kim has a bottle of Jinro and Kona Brew at the same time.

Ultimate Fighting
Some of the entertainment was pay per view Ultimate Fighting. The main match lasted less than two minutes.

Gorgonzola Cheese and Paté
Gorgonzola Cheese and Paté. A few late comers indulged.

Travis Mixologist
Travis plays mixologist as he adds some pineapple juice to some wicked mix.

Mix gone bad
The mix turned out to be too strong.

If you like chicken this get-together was for you as we had chicken katsu, bbq chicken, chicken wings all by accident. Where’s the beef?

2 replies on “Kim’s Birthday Bash”

Ya know, I almost bought and brought lemon or orange chicken to this party but opted for chicken katsu instead. But when I showed-up there already was a pan of chicken katsu from another place. Next time I should probably get chicken katsu and get both the katsu sauce and lemon sauce on the side just in case.

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