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I’m Trackerless

Chevy Tracker
Last night I drove through an automatic car wash, then brought the Chevy Tracker home and waxed it by streetlight. In the morning I attached a couple of signs to it, put a posting on Craigslist and drove to town to run errands and to do some laps at the Old A track (that’s where this photo was taken).

I got a nibble early on when someone wrote down my phone number for reference but hooked-up when a guy saw it parked in front of my apartment and begged me to take the signs off while he got the money together after a test drive. He got the cash together, I handed over the title and this is probably the last photo I’ll post of my old Tracker. The guy works on coffee farms so the 4×4 will come in handy for him. His buddies were pretty happy with the car too. Who knows, maybe the next cup of Kona coffee you drink will have been transported in my old Tracker.

And as for my Honda CR-V I bought I think I made the right choice. My 2006 CR-V has 8.1″ of ground clearance, the new 2007 model has 7.3″ of clearance. That’s less than my old Tracker’s 7.5″ which hit the skid plate a few times going out to Green Sands Beach and Mana Road. I’ll wait to see how Andrea’s lifted Jeep does before I try any crazy modifications (and I’ll wait for my car’s warranty to run out first).

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First the Geo, now this? Man, you have car-commitment issues. For the most part, the Tracker served you well.

I always get attached to cars. Now, if that could only happen with women …

It's shameless that they call these things sports utility vehicles when they have the clearance of a 1976 Cadillac. Then again, how many SUV owners – or CR-V owners, for that matter – take their rides off-road? Hawaii is one of the few exceptions where that happens.

Shit, I haven't had ol' Pepe on gravel – but that may change as the weather in the high desert cools. Tell Mike that Victorville awaits!

I was more attached to the Geo Metro than the Tracker. The Tracker did take me to more places but the average 45-50mpg that the Metro gave me really makes me miss it these days. That and I could park the sucker anywhere it was so small. Too bad they don't make that model anymore. I once got 60mpg going from Kona to Hilo.

Oh, and the CR-V supposedly stands for CRossover-Vehicle since it's on SUV on basically a Honda Civic frame.

It's hard to part with a car. But your new ride is pretty sweet, I think you'll be happy.

I haven't lifted the Liberty, yet. I didn't get the parts in time while my friend from California were here. Stuart hopes to come back before the year is up, he'll put the lift on for me then. I'll let you know how it goes. I have 6.3" clearance from my front skid plate now. The lift won't bring that up, but the lift will allow room in the wheel wells for taller tires. Once I get those, I'll be in business! Makalawena, here I come!

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