Nickel & diming their employees?

Starbucks has announced that on Oct. 3rd they are raising prices 5¢ on their coffee drinks. This should increase profits for Starbucks but at a cost to who?

Many people, me included, pay for our coffee drinks at Starbucks and dump the change (if it’s a reasonable amount) into the barista’s tip jar (or plastic square from what I’ve seen). So that nickel isn’t hurting most of these customers as we’re giving that change away anyway. But now you see where that’s cutting into, their employee’s tips. Yeah, it’s maybe only a nickel in tip from every other customer but that has to add up doesn’t it?

Starbucks employees, you just got a pay cut. Any baristas out there care to comment on what kind of money those tips jars make and if this will cut into their cashflow?

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