Whole lotta shakin’ goin’ on

I was in Maui when the quake hit. Huge shaking for something like 20 seconds or more. I hoped the epicenter was nearby because I knew that if we were far from it other areas closer must have sustained some bad damage. The aftershock was also a good shaker too.

Maui immediately lost power and so did Oahu and the Big Island. About 10 min after the aftershock I got online via my PowerBook and Treo via bluetooth to check USGS for earthquake info. Epicenter Kona/Kohala, magnitude something like 4.6-6.5 (preliminary data is always sketchy). I left messages for folks on the Big Isle about all the info I knew. Houses shifted off foundations in Kohala.

Now I’m at Maui airport waiting for my flight back to Kona. Security says it’s normal Sunday since United cancelled all their flights.

gotta go, just got a hop on an earlier flight. See ya.

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amazingly enough we never lost power in my part of Waimea… we did lose water tho.

a few houses from mine a house caught on fire.


Shocked to learn about the quake earlier today. Heard that no one has been hurt, though all these landslides and damages to buildings etc… hope you'll have flown safe back in Kona and things will sort out soon. Take care.

The earthquake woke me up this morning, it was pretty weird laying in bed and watching everything get jostled around. This one made me a little scared because it lasted so long.

I feel bad for the people on Oahu that are without power, I just watched the news and there's still a lot of places affected by outages. That sucks. -_-

If Ota's apartments haven't fallen by now I'd say they're good for the long run. I'm sure they've seen their fair share of earthquakes, rainstorms, wind and tenants.


First thing I thought of was Mrs. Ota's apartment. Brian, I would have been screaming for you if we were still living next door to each other!

Glad to hear you are all Ok.

Love to you,


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