Rock ‘n Roll!

Copyright 2006, Baron Sekiya

I was on Maui when the earthquake shook and although Maui shook pretty hard it was nothing compared to the Big Island. Click on the image above and watch a security camera I had in my living room rock ‘n roll. It automatically started when it detected movement so by the time it started my TV had already hit the floor, intact and still working. This video was played several times on Good Morning America and another video of mine was used on ABC World News Tonight, Monday night.

That big clear plastic thing on the left is one of my firewire hard drives, luckily it was off. Other than my TV falling and some books and papers (if you look closely you can see a waterfall of papers fall in front of the camera at one point) I didn’t have any damage. The TV coaxial cabled pulled out from the TV set but I just bought a new one.

Frames 2 & 3 you can see my TV trying to commit suicide by diving off the stand in the lower left quadrant of the video. The camera didn’t catch the aftershock because the hard drive was blocking the motion sensor.

Please do not copy or distribute this video as it’s copyrighted by me and ABC.

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Well, the quake lasted a bit longer than the video and it didn't capture the big aftershock.

Just felt another aftershock at about 1a.m. today about 15 minutes ago. I jumped a little and whizzed in my head what I should do for a split second then looked for my video camera the next second. That's probably a good reaction. Safety first, camera second. :)

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