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Supersize It

Supersize Latte
Now that’s what I call a cup of coffee! Got a new cup from Dawn so I immediately put it into action with a big latté. Kind of makes the newspaper look like it’s tabloid size again huh?

I shot this photo with my new Canon PowerShot SD800IS which has a wide 28mm lens equivalent. Here’s a review I wrote for Epinions. If you want to buy one I have the link on the right along with the housing link. Amazon shipped it to me for free.

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you mention in your Epinion review that your previous pont & shoot was the S500.

If you still have it – it was added to Canon's Image Sensor Advisory as of Oct 31, 2006. Canon will repair for free regardless of warranty status.

I knew it! Damn Canon! I had written them in early October saying it was probably a problem with their CCD and high humidity and they wrote back on Oct. 7th "Unfortunately the S500 is not one of the effected cameras on the list of

the service notice. You can however send the camera in for service."

At least it's good that they're fessing up now. So I guess I'll have a good condition s500 and SD800IS in my arsenal.

If you've got an s500 in the USA Go to
If you've got one of Canon's cameras overseas you can check here

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