The waiting is the hardest part — Tom Petty

Sorry for the lack of updates. Busy with work, holidays, etc. A trickle of photos should start arriving on the site.

Mela Kalikimaka

One thing I *DID* do the past few days was switch an mp3 file on my site. Seems I had done a blog post with the song Feliz Navidad linked on it from a few years ago, it wasn’t the whole song but everyone was linking to the mp3 file on my site and it’s been eating up my bandwidth. So on the 11th I removed the file from the site, you can see the drop in bandwidth on my stats chart below. Then on the 16th I posted a Green Day ringtone with the name FelizNavidad.mp3 in my directory.

StatsLooks like most people figured it out and unlinked the file a couple of days ago. Must have been quite the shock with all those pages playing Green Day instead of Jose Feliciano.

But the real culprit is the website Project Playlist that listed me as #8 as a source for the song.

btw, you can find The Waiting by Tom Petty there too.

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I once discovered a myspace page linking to a sound file on my site, the mp3 would play in the background. I was a lot meaner than you; I recorded a message in which I uttered an expletive and told that person to kindly stop stealing my bandwidth. I guess he didn't check his myspace too often because his visitors heard my nastygram for about 3 or 4 days before he removed it.

Yeah, I had a booze photo on my blog, some folks pasted the URL to display it on they webpages, so I replaced the small image with a 10,000×10,000 pixel black square image.

That same image was hijacked by a commercial drinking website. So I emailed their marketing department and inquired as to how many hits they got. Since they thought I wanted to advertise they gave me some big numbers on the thousands of hits they got and how they were really popular. I emailed them back, thanked them for the info and said I would use that to bill them appropriately for the copyright violation of using my photo without my permission which would inccur a fee of 4x the normal fee for such a popular site since it was stolen. But I gave them an out, I said they could pay that if they really wanted to keep using the image or they could remove it. They chose to remove the image and apologized. No need for me to be a total jerk.

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