What’s up with those previews?

ApocalyptoWent to see Apocalypto tonight. Pretty savage scenes in the movie but entertaining. If you don’t like to read subtitles you won’t like this movie, it’s all in Maya so you’ll have to read. Or you can wait for the DVD to come out and probably watch natives running through the jungle with proper British accents or something in the dub. And if you are afraid of nightmares you might want to skip this movie.

One of the many previews and commercials (and there were a ton) for the movie was a long ad for the National Guard. The ad looked quite new with the newest tanks, weapons, BDUs, etc. The ad had images that stressed how the National Guard helps out in things like hurricanes (lots of images like hurricane Katrina rescues) and you serve places like wooded snowy forests, or other forest area that look like the Pacific Northwest or Germany and drive tanks through mud puddles on roads. I don’t think they had any images that looked like they were in the Mid East region fighting a war. And to top it off the closing background video image is a flag waving behind some title to join the Guard. But the flag was a 48 star US flag. How do I know? Because the rows of stars weren’t offset, they were straight even rows. WTF?

I mean, they want to brainwash people into thinking in the National Guard you’ll only serve at home domestically while both Alaska and Hawaii don’t even count as states.

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