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Techno Trash

Techno Trash
A pile of discarded computers, monitors, printers, servers, TVs and other discards of modern technology at the Old Kona Airport. Apparently this past weekend they had a collection for old technology stuff to be carted away, to where I don’t know. Apparently they filled 2-3 big containers with stuff and this was left over to stay out in the elements until another container could be brought by. The cops even stopped by to figure-out what the heck I was doing checking this stuff out, I didn’t want any of it, I’ve got enough outdated stuff already.

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These CompuCycle events are sponsored by the County of Hawai'i Department of Environmental Management. I think the containers are headed for the mainland. There will be another CompuCycle on Saturday May 26, at the Aupuni Center, Hilo, from 10:00AM – 2:00PM.

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